As early as 2013, XTrade broker was founded in Cyprus. Because the Mediterranean is a member of the EU, XTrade is subject to the same legal requirements that German financial services providers must hold. Regulatory and oversight is ensured by the Cypriot CySEC, which is as strict as the German BaFin.

(1) The service offered by XTrade is extremely comprehensive. Traders reach the support 24 hours a day, both by mail and by phone. During the usual stock market opening hours, an employee is always available to answer questions. The most important thing: The contact does not have to be done in English, but is completely possible in German.

(2) XTrade offers its customers several hundred underlyings for trading with CFDs. The large selection allows traders to spread their capital extremely widely and thus achieve more long-term returns than many other brokers. The four asset classes in detail:


The product offer is the largest in this category, which is also due to the fact that there are tens of thousands of shares on the world markets. XTrade is primarily focused on large and well-known markets such as the USA and Germany. In addition, 20 other countries have been added to the product range. Traders have the opportunity to operate in emerging markets such as China and Brazil.


In the indices traders also offer a wide range of different markets. The indices mainly come from the USA, Europe and Asia. Again, the following is true: In addition to the well-known and large stocks such as the Dow Jones and the DAX, XTrade offers emerging market underlyings.


The classic forex trading is possible with three different types of foreign exchange pairs. On the one hand, traders can, of course, act as major currency pairs. These include combinations of euros, US dollars, Japanese yen, Swiss francs and British pounds. These currencies can also be combined with other currencies. Then, Forex traders speak of minor currency pairs. The trade offer in the area of foreign exchange is rounded off by exotics. These are currency pairs, which consist of two more unknown foreign exchange rates and are hardly in demand.

Raw Materials

The commodity trading is extremely popular with CFD traders, because the prices of gold, oil and co are generally highly volatile. Correspondingly good chances arise if traders correctly predict the direction of course development. In addition to the above-mentioned classics, investors at XTrade can also trade farm products such as wheat or coffee.

(3) XTrade’s training program is extremely comprehensive. Investors have the opportunity to get entire e-books for free. These guides are intended to help both in entering and trading, and to provide high learning effects. In addition, free webinars are held at regular intervals. Broker staff or other, well-known experts will talk about an specific topic here for an hour. The webinars can be viewed together with other videos in an archive. Source: www.binary24.de